Essay on An Interview Comparing The Movie ' Blackfish '

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When a whaler is brought to tears from separating an Orca from its mother, it is clear the act is unjust and amoral. John Crowe one of the whalers that day, recalls the event in an interview comparing the experience to “kidnapping a little kid in front of his mother’s eyes.” He, like many others, learned through this tragedy that Orca whales deserve to remain with their families in the wild. Within a company that makes billions each year, its top salesperson is enslaved into a tiny glass bowl. After the release of the movie Blackfish in 2012, it revealed the abhorrent business behind the treatment and captivity of Orca whales in Seaworld. This company came under fire when the documentary delved into the inner workings of the keeping of Orca whale in repugnant confines. It is clear that after such graphic testimonials that it is in society’s best interest for Seaworld to release the Orca whales out of their hold due to the danger to it imposes on the trainers, and both the physical and psychological trauma it causes for the whales. Seaworld is a company that has been in business for decades, supplying its crowds with entertainment, education, and thrill. It contains countless exhibits displaying various aquatic life, live shows, and rides for those seeking a more interactive experience. Seaworld is one of the largest marine life exhibits in the world, averaging nearly 360 million dollars this year alone. Such a company is a magical experience when looked at for the facade…

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