An Interdisciplinary Degree With The Cognates Of Leadership And Teaching

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I made a choice to pursue an interdisciplinary degree with the cognates of leadership and teaching. My career choice is aimed at obtaining appropriate knowledge as a teacher and the desired skills in leading people. However, the cognate seems much different from what a majority can consider, being a professional teacher and a leader who gets in touch with several young people, both men, and women are important in developing my Gospel ministry.
As a teacher who often interacts with a majority of students, of whom some have never had the opportunity to be administered for, it is, therefore, easy for me to integrate Gospel ministry and my professional duty. Teaching would give me the advantage of reaching a majority of people, enabling me to share the Gospel and at the same time offering my professional duty services now and in future. On the other hand, leadership would let me shed light on the perspectives held by a majority that women should not lead.
However, much the field of leadership has been dominated by men, just like Deborah was chosen to lead the people of Israel, I aspire to attain leadership qualities to enable me to lead. From the Bible, it is noted that during the periods of violence and turbulence during the reign of Joshua, “the Lord raised up judges.” The judges were provided so as to bring about administration for the kingless individuals (Judges 2:16). However, this was done after the aftermath of Joshua’s leadership in the conquest of Canaan. One such…

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