An Informal Exchange Between Friends Essay example

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Many scholars Philippians characterize as a letter “an informal exchange between friends.” . The letter has an introduction body and closing. It is also written with friendly language. Today we use the term letter and epistle interchangeably to describe books like Philippians. However, some scholars would say there is a definite distinction between letters and epistles. “An epistle is a literary composition in the form of a letter intended for theoretical exposition.” In Philippians Paul exchanged friendly greetings. Paul writes with a friendly undertone and it seems as if he has a close relationship with the Philippians. However, Philippians was not only meant to be an intimate exchange between friends. It meant was to be publicly read to the people of the church of Philippi. In light of this information I would say that Philippians is in the middle of the spectrum between a letter and an epistle. Therefore, I would consider Philippians both a letter and an epistle. Some scholars, like Paul Sampley, say that Philippians is a mode of communication with the Philippians was a Roman contractual agreement. Sampley argues Philippians is a contractual agreement because Paul 1) uses formal business language of receipt in 4:10-20; 2) Paul frequently uses the terminology of Koinonia; 3) Paul uses other terms regarding to having the right attitude. L. Michael White, however, argues that the same terminology Sampley used to deem Philippians a contractual agreement is actually…

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