Essay on An Influential Character Of Christ

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Being comfortable in life can be satisfying to some, but for my friend Tyler Ingalls this is the last place he wants to be. Even at a young age of twenty-nine, his faith journey has already seen a plethora of mountainous highs and stormy lows. Tyler contrasts greatly from myself because he is older than me, is preaching about God as a full-time job, and is adamant about not identifying with any particular denomination. After interviewing him, it was eye-opening to see how over the years his view on faith and Jesus developed, what people and events made him have the faith he has today, and the struggles he faces in being such an influential character of Christ. Tyler Ingalls is a youth pastor based in New Era, Michigan. Before this, he was my youth pastor intern at my hometown church, Central Wesleyan, in Holland, Michigan. He grew up in Ellsworth, Michigan and for the majority of his high school years, and through all of his college years, he felt called by God to become a spiritual leader. He was a top-recruit basketball player for universities across the country, yet decided that his time would be best spent seeking and loving God. By sacrificing his love of basketball, he is highly active in being a camp counselor, basketball coach, and even a substitute Bible teacher. In his own words, he enjoys “deep thinking, adventuring, hooping, worshipping, but most of all acknowledging and believing that knowing the Son is the only thing that matters in life.” Tyler seeks the…

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