An Individual 's Personal Experience With Changes Essay

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Quantitative Methods

The quantitative research question to be examined is looking at an individual’s personal experience with changes in occupations. Quantitative methods that could be utilized to answer this question are non-experimental designs / ex post facto, experimental and developmental research

Non-experimental / ex post facto methods are used when the independent variable cannot be controlled or manipulated (Smith & Davis 2015). An appropriate method of data collection for this research would be the interest checklist and the sickness impact profile - 68. As these are both external to the research being completed, they have been evaluated for validity, reliability through extensive testing and previous studies (Fife-schaw, 2010).

A further method of study to be considered is experimental which aim to carry out group comparisons with set independent and dependent variables, which are controlled or manipulated to produce results. These results are analysis to prove or disprove the study’s hypotheses (Davis & Bremner, 2015 and Keilhofner, 2006). As this research question has no variables that can be controlled or manipulated, therefore this method is not appropriate.

Lastly the quantitative method of developmental research could be used to address the research question, it looks at changes over time experienced by the population. A group of participates are observed over a period of time with the measures applied at intervals to see if any changes have taken…

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