An Individual Who Sustains Injuries During An Automobile Accident Should Seek Medical Attention

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An individual who sustains injuries during an automobile accident should seek medical attention promptly. Time limits are placed on the length of time an individual can forego treatment following an accident: Therefore, waiting too long could result in the inability to seek medical compensation for the injuries sustained during the accident. The medical professionals at Icon Medical Centers Accident Clinic in Miami near Kendall, Florida, are dedicated to providing top-quality care to those who have sustained injuries in any type of accident. Furthermore, as an established accident clinic near Kendall, Florida, we have experience working with attorneys and insurance companies.

Neck Injuries, Whiplash and Cervical Misalignment

It is not uncommon for an individual to sustain a neck injury during a motor vehicle accident. Many times, this injury occurs when there is an unexpected, abrupt movement that causes the head and neck to be violently forced beyond their normal limits. When whiplash occurs, the muscles in the neck aggressively snap the head forward and then a natural reflex propels the head backwards. This action causes several structures of the neck to become injured: These structures frequently include joints, ligaments and muscles.

Symptoms of Cervical Misalignment

Individuals who have a cervical misalignment usually experience pain in the shoulders, a tingling sensation in the hands, a stiff neck, headaches, dizziness and neck pain. Many times, a cervical…

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