Essay about An Following Short Answer Questions

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Complete the following short answer questions.
1. In your own words, describe what a mentor does.
A mentor is someone who comes along side someone that is not quite at the same level of leadership as them and not only shows them how to reach the next level but does the journey with them. A mentor is someone who leads, corrects, encourages and guides a mentee through different seasons of life.
2. What legislation, regulations, code of conduct or policy or your organisation would impact upon your mentoring programs? List all that apply.
-Be honest and act with integrity in all aspects of your engagement
-Respect the rights of others.
-Perform your duties to the best of your ability
-Uphold the reputation and standing of Kingdomcity
-Use Kingdomcity information and property appropriately
-Act within the law

3. Describe ethical behaviour as applied to mentoring relationship.
- Expectations
- Time Limits
- Mutual Respect
- Maintain Vigilance in regards to relationship
- Manage your power in the relationship, don’t be to overbearing
- Acknowledge the skills that your Mentee has
- Carefully frame their advice and feedback
- Act with Integrity
- Avoid conflicts of interest (Imposing our own point of view in order to benefit)
- Avoid financial conflicts of interest, manipulating the person to benefit you financially.

4. Explain why effective closure is important in mentoring relationship.
Closure is important in a mentoring relationship because there needs to be a point in the…

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