An Expert Power As Defined By John French And Bertram Raven Essay

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In the above case, Betty appears to be more powerful in a given setting; she holds an expert power as defined by John French and Bertram Raven (1959).Betty has an expert power because she has an adequate knowledge and experience in software, which makes her an expert in her department. A statement, “Joe hesitated to make it an “either you do, or you are in trouble” confirms that although Joe is the manager, Betty could be able to refuse his obligation. The lack of the same skill set in other employees gives leverage to the expert. In this case, Joe even though he is a manager, is lacking knowledge about that software, and this makes Betty powerful.
Even though Joe is the manager holding a higher rank, Betty refused to give training to new employees. In expert power, it is not necessary for a superior person to have a higher rank than other individuals are in a formal sense. It is their knowledge, skill set and experience makes them superior and powerful. If a team has an only one-person expertise in a particular field, then they feel elevated to a position of authority and power. This type of authority is sometimes informal rather than official. When an expert shares his knowledge with other employees, their expertise will diminish as other employees acquire the similar knowledge or skill set.
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