Essay on An Example Of A Creative Price Strategy

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An example of a creative price strategy was implemented by the Minnesota Timberwolves, who, prior to the 2010 NBA season, posted on their website a list of their creative pricing strategies. They targeted specific population groups and offered various kinds of incentives in an attempt to not only increase attendance, but to make attendance to even non-sports fans. Fusfeld (2010), in his article about the Timberwolves promotions stated “College Nights: $5 tickets during all 15 Wednesday night games the first 100 people that show up will be upgraded to the lower level, Buy a $30 t-shirt and get into all college night games for free” (p. 1). This was just one of the creative pricing strategies that was on their website. This pricing strategy was chosen because it attempts to cover multiple factors. One problem is, it attempted to overcome affordability for the majority of fans. Another idea was being able to give prime seating at such a reduced price. Fans would rush to buy tickets at this affordable price and feel special if they turned out to be on of the first one hundred fan groups to earn the prime seating area. Another factor it attempted to overcome is the reported decrease in Americans leisure time, which significantly limits attendance at weekday sports games. Designating one game as a college game night in a college town is another great tactic; the Timberwolves are trying to reach the college student market, which otherwise, may not be able to afford the regular…

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