An Examination Of Various Elements Of Cyber Infrastructure Essay example

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An examination of various elements of cyber infrastructure covering areas such as information assurance, cyber and computer security, tools, techniques, policies, and organizational infrastructure may lead to a better approach in dealing with cyber threats. Preponderance of successful cyber attacks has led to a variety of responses from commercial and government sectors. All have responded through the development of various tools and techniques and some have aimed to gain clarity of intent and purpose in their efforts to counter cyber threats by deeming it as one and the same as information assurance. Although the two topics are related and interdependent, cybersecurity and information assurance are distinct and separate areas of information technology. Treating them as the same, might lead to gaps in the security policy or the architecture of the enterprise.
At a micro level, the risk is transferred from developers to operations and the notion of cybersecurity points to the possibility that there are no safe computers or computer systems. Add to the mix the human element as operators, with varying degrees of sophistication, perpetrators, and the insider threat, then we are dealing with a situation that even in the improbable event that we have been successful in building safe machines, at some point, they will fail or we will fail them. In our connected world, which was not designed to be secure in the first place, even a single point of failure can be the…

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