An Evolutionary Step Essay

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Ballentine, Rudolph. Transition to Vegetarianism: An Evolutionary Step. Honesdale, PA: Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy of the U.S.A., 1987. Print.
1) In 1960s the diets without meat were more popular. New menus in restaurants, new magazines about vegetarianism were published.
2) Flight attendants on airlines got requests for vegetarian meals and newspaper started to publish articles on meatless recipes.
3) A pregnant woman did all laboratory tests such as anemia, cholesterol, and blood proteins. Everything was normal. 4) Some nutritionists at Harvard checked the cholesterol levels of vegetarians and found out that they had a better cholesterol level than meat eaters.
5) In 1961, one of the physician wrote that 97% of coronary occlusions could be prevented by vegetarian diet.
6) An agreement was made by people that cancer rates are lower in vegetarians especially in colon and breast cancer which are the most common cancers people suffered from in this country. 7) Some people think that athletes can 't be vegetarian they have to eat meat in order to be strong nutritionally. 8) However, the studies in Yale showed that in a deep knee bending contest, only one meat eater could reach 1000 marks whereas 6 of vegetarians could reach 1000 marks.
9) Even animals are vegetarian and healthier. Lions are carnivorous and elephants are herbivorous. In a classic fight between these two animals, elephant always wins.
10) Although lions are more…

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