An Evaluation Of An Indirect Assessment Essay example

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In the current study, an indirect assessment was conducted in the way of self report. The self report yielded the identification of the target behavior which is to increase water intake. Current level of intake was reported by the participant as being an average of zero ounces per day, which she would like to increase to thirty-two ounces per day. Participant believes the behavior is the result of respondent conditioning. As a result of repeated pairings with an unconditioned stimulus, over time, a conditioned response was evoked, which has long since passed; however, in the meantime, a replacement behavior of consuming alternate beverages was learned. The competing behavior is suspected of having an abolishing effect on the consumption water as excessive consumption of coffee occurs through-out the day; offering little opportunity for the participant to feel thirsty, or consider alternate behaviors. Also identified were motivators and reinforcers for engaging in alternate, competing behaviors in the way of social reinforcement which is intrinsically motivating, increased energy and alertness through the provision of caffeine and sugar, and a general taste preference; where water lacks reinforcing qualities in that the participant finds it to be distasteful. Additionally, participant notes she suffers migraines and complete discontinuation of coffee would result in an increased propensity to headaches with the absence of caffeine. Therefore, it is extremely…

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