An Ethical Dimension Of Susan ( Fictional Name ) Is My Good Friend

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1. Briefly describe a situation, action or case that you think has an ethical dimension. 

Susan (fictional name) is my good friend. She is a size 18 with BMI of 32. Despite her size that makes her movement slow and makes she feels annoyed when buying new clothes, she has never have self-confident issues. Eating is one of her favourite things to do especially when she is stressed. She always sets goals and has a big meal as a reward. For example, going out for dinner at a buffet restaurant after almost every tests, exams and when the results are announced. However, what I have been noticing for some time is that Susan seems to have some ongoing minor health problems such as getting tired easily, sweaty hands, difficulty sleeping and mild back and knees pain. So, I think that it would be good for her health in long-term if she can start to change her lifestyle as soon as possible. I have wanted to advise her but I did not because part of me asking myself that “is it ethical for me to tell Susan that she should change her lifestyle, and change things that she is already happy with".

2. Explain the ethical dimension: why is this ethically important/ challenging/ interesting. You can use the ethical concepts that we have discussed in class (ethical principles, utility, rights, etc) to help here.

This situation is ethically interesting and challenging because it can happen to everyone that have an obese loved one, not only a friend but also a family member or a partner.…

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