An Essay On Importance Of Communication

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Communication is like breathing: everyone on the planet is constantly engaged in it, but they are rarely consciously aware that it is happening. Every conceivable area of human endeavor relies almost entirely on communication in one form or another. Without communication, there is no meaningful exchange of information— no science, no art, no philosophy, no commerce or interpersonal relationships of any kind. Communication not only allows us to identify others in our society, but it also provides us with a way of identifying ourselves as individuals among the masses. Understanding how we communicate verbally and non-verbally is key to grasping who we are as human beings. Studying communication is critical to success in any field, but it is particularly crucial for those studying communication as a vocation.
Pursuing a major in Communication should go beyond specified career planning and training. If someone is going to devote themselves to a career in Communication, they need to understand communication on a deeper level, beyond their chosen field of study. For
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Through communication, we are able to express beliefs, ideas, values, and advancements that may contribute something that can drastically alter our society. Humans rely on communication as a means of establishing and building relationships with those around them. By making changes to one’s way of communicating, a person can become a more active and contributing member of their environment. Everyone should be aware of the contributions they are capable of making through efficient communication. Through studying communication, a person develops a plethora of skills that are valuable in personal and professional settings—public speaking, critical thinking, and teamwork. All of these things expand chances of becoming successful in life and more specifically, in whatever field that individual chooses to

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