An Essay About Supernatural Power

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Provocative Question

A provocative question, to say the least!

An unseen, supernatural power, sounds a lot like it comes from a fantasy novel. A plot, not normal to the natural realm on earth (NRE), can be perceived by men as real. When instead, it is fantasy taking place within the imaginations of men--which we all know can be vivid at times.

To further explain--for a Runner, unseen, supernatural power is a real law in their lives, as is gravity. In the NRE, there are times, however, when people must concede that what they saw and heard was not their imagination. It was real--and they are a witness!

Nevertheless, these realizations are often temporary. And, as the darkened, undiscerning minds of natural men return to their comfort zones--an entirely opposite effect takes place in the mind of a Runner.


Notably, the distinction is that this never-ending relationship between Believers and Runners and their supernatural comforter, counselor, and advocate--is The Spirit of the Lord!

And, also, this consummately, conspicuous, unseen, supernatural power is God 's gracious and precious gift to Christians, when they accept Christ as their Lord and Savior--as their Messiah!

Miraculously, new believers are, instantly, eternally stamped with the seal of the long-promised Holy Spirit. Furthermore, it is written that the Holy Spirit is a down-payment, or guarantee if you will, in anticipation of the full redemption of a Runner 's inheritance.

The Spirit of unseen,…

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