An Effective Leader Of The Organization With Plans For Employee Motivation, Communication, Operations, And Security

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For the final paper, I’m taking over the role of CIO in my organization. That is currently two levels above my present pay grade and a personal career goal. To be frank, it’s something I’ve thought about over the last year. I feel more than prepared to discuss this topic. I plan to outline the overall decision-making process along all lines of the organization. I also plan on showing how I would be an effective leader of the organization with plans for employee motivation, communication strategies, team-building strategist, relationship-building needs, and all the other things employees and the organization would need to be successful.
The Leadership Role The role I’m going to take will be that of CIO. The CIO’s responsibility is to guide the IT services department of our company. That includes the leadership of the project management lane, the development and delivery lane, the architecture lane, finance, operations, and security. One key thing to see is that every department works together to support the technology needs of the company.
Project Management This pillar of the IT organization deals with project intake, project management, and release management. They are responsible for evaluating, planning, and budgeting all the projects that require either IT input or IT resources. These are the conductors for the train of products that moves through our corporation.
Development and Delivery This pillar of the IT organization manages the development and…

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