An Early Mother 's Day Lunch Essay

856 Words May 8th, 2016 4 Pages
I took my mother to Chili’s today (5/7/16) for an early Mother’s Day lunch; the experience was embarrassing and unacceptable. The hostess takes us at a table with crumbs all over seat, before I say anything she gets a napkin and pushes all of the crumbs off the seat and onto the floor however, crumbs are still all over half of the table, I didn’t say anything to her. After we sat down our feet literally stuck to the ground, before opening the menu my hand and arm got very sticky from some substance on the table. I opened my menu with the inside inserted upside down from it not being stapled together and see dried BBQ sauce that is an inch thick from top to bottom right down the center, I walked to the front to exchange it and I politely hand the hostess the filthy menu and help myself to another one on the desk, she ignores me and continues talking to a waiter. Our waiter came to the table with a t-shirt covered in food- I asked if I could have something to clean the table, it was not an issue and he cleaned it. My mother and I both ordered Blackberry tea, the inside of our cups had food stuck to them, I asked the waiter if I could get another cup, the waiter tells me he doesn 't see anything and says he will get the manager, I told him I didn 't need the manager, only just a new drink/cup. The manager walks over and stands at the end of our table, and say "yeah?" I said”, Oh, I didn 't need anything, just a new drink which the waiter is getting" he says“, what’s the issue?"…

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