Essay about An Course, Movement And Health For The Child

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Section One:
Prior to attending this course, Movement and Health for the Child, I was aware that a general education teacher is responsible for differentiating instruction for ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Language) student’s language needs. Furthermore, teachers need to provide a learning environment that supports ESOL student’s transition, education, and English language development. A learning environment that encourages a student’s development in language proficiency must allow the ESOL student to interact with their second language as much as possible. The teacher’s goal should be to help the ESOL student become proficient in English as well as a success in the classroom.
In all my education classes at University of South Florida St. Petersburg, I have had the opportunity to thoughtfully plan how I would differentiate instruction for an ESOL student. A teacher should consider any culture implication that may affect an ESOL student’s education. A teacher should show respect to any culture difference between them and their ESOL student. Additionally, they can support all diverse cultures in their classroom by having a family wall (where students display pictures and a biography about their family) or a wall that displays a verity of flags. When a ESOL student feels welcomes and secure in a classroom, they are more likely to become proficient in English faster than if they feel isolated and misunderstood.
What I now understand about differentiated instruction…

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