An Article From Principal Leadership On August 2003 By Alfie Kohn

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“What Does it Mean to Be Well-Educated,” an article from Principal Leadership on March 2003 by Alfie Kohn. He argues that our education system can improve but first our mindset must change on what it means to be educated. He uses his wife as an example her Alma Mater is Harvard University, an IV university, she is a highly intelligent physician but had poor grammar and very poor mathematical skills. First, he asks that we understand the purpose of an education. His view is that education is supposed to help us be better people. Second, he asked us to think about looking at evaluating people vs their education to find what have people actually learned in their education not just hog wash facts that we will likely lose over time. Third, he talks about the absence of consensus a discussion on how we try to find the truth for making people well-educated and see things on an individual basis. He points out some poor definitions; “Seat Time” just sitting in class not learning. Test scores just a waste of time because most tests are reliable or meaningful on the long run. Memorizing a bunch of facts, is useless. Individuals will know more facts, but have no skills to back them up. Another point is about the mandating a single definition this about requesting that we just use the same system and that we are giving out diplomas to the wrong people and that tests are not a good indicator to have a better educated person. His last point is a point that looks at the solution (in his…

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