An Article Based On A Descriptive Research Essay

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Today care or not to day care that is the question, an article based on a descriptive research. Descriptive studies are used to describe an individual or group through systematic observation. The case studies look at one individual to reveal something about people in general. The article also describes surveys. Which describes a population by looking at various cases it explains physiological states that would be difficult to observe directly. The individuals in this study was randomly selected where everyone had equal chance of participating.
The study took children from different groups and observed how they interacted while in child care full time and part time and how high quality child care centers effect children. The researchers wanted to see if these centers have an effect on children regarding personal, social and cognitive variable as adults. They also wanted to see if beginning school at an early age effects the kids as well.
The participants in the study age ranged from infant through teen. They chose these participants due to the fact that in order for researchers to get accurate results they would have to start observing at infancy until the child was middle aged. By doing this researchers can tell if childcare options effect the children by the time they have reached adulthood. They decided to break the study into two parts.
The first study looked at the children that attended high quality center from infancy. They were divided into infant and toddler nursery.…

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