An Article About A Special Education Teacher Essay

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This article is about a special education teacher in Loveland, Colorado who is suing the school district for not training her properly in how to deal with violent students. Carrie Giesler said she was repeatedly abused by her students and was let go due to the lengthy police reports she filed. Giesler went to receive help but instead received eye rolls. The department of education in Colorado doesn’t require schools to provide training for interventions, it’s the schools decision on to send the student to a different facility. It is also the school’s responsibility to ensure that the teachers are in a safe environment.
Giesler filed a lawsuit against the district seeking compensation for pain and suffering and hoping it brings about change. She as well is working on getting bills passed that protect teachers against student violence and make it mandatory for schools to intervene.
This information was interesting to me because I have never thought of a teacher fileing a lawsuit due to being hit by special education students, especially students with behavior problems. For thinking of going into special education it makes me a little nervous. I know there are days that are going to be better than others but after reading this article I had a this it would be a good thing to find out before taking a job to see if the school gives training or proper support. After I understood why Giesler was suing I found her move to be inspiring. I can imaging that getting to this step was…

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