An Annual New Year 's Eve Party Essay examples

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Lucky for Morgana, Pendragon Industries reserved a hotel for an annual New Year 's Eve party. She chose to revamp their annual event into her wedding to Edwin. I was forced to attend an event with Arthur and Mithian because Gwen was Morgana 's Maid of Honor. Gwen left our home three days ago to prepare for Morgana 's wedding. I listened to Elephant whine for three days for Gwen. I didn 't blame him…I can 't whine. He snuggled into my side in her spot in our bed. Did Morgana really need three days? I saw her for a few hours at Edwin and Morgana 's rehearsal dinner. I noticed dark circles under her eyes, and she seemed tired. I inquired about her rest; Gwen assured me that she enjoyed a full night 's sleep in a nice soft bed.

A security guard forbade me from going to check on Gwen. My anger simmered until Percy appeared to explain that Morgana and Gwen were sequestered until the start of the wedding, due to Morgause. Morgana 's former love had sent threatening messages to Morgana. Security was a key element of Morgana 's wedding. Percy patted me on my back as I returned to my seat next to Eylan. I noticed Eylan and Vivian held hands. Freya looked adoringly at Merlin.

I would have sent Gwen a text, but we weren 't allowed to have our mobiles at the wedding. In two weeks, I marry Gwen in a simple elegant wedding surrounded by close friends and family, less than 60 people. I couldn 't handle this…this grand expression of love.

She had candles and flowers contorted into strange…

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