An Analysis Of Theodore Twombly 's ' The Not So Distant Future '

1500 Words Dec 16th, 2015 null Page
In the film, Her, which is set in the not so distant future, the protagonist, Theodore Twombly, is a bit of an introverted man who purchases OS1, an Operating System that contains artificial intelligence first of its kind. This OS was created and designed to adapt and evolve, consider it Siri 4.0. As he set up his OS, he gave it a female voice, and when the OS was ready to operate, she named herself Samantha. We quickly learn that Samantha is not your typical assistant, she appears to have a personality and she adjusts and adapts with the situation, as an OS Samantha becomes an incredibly personal technical experience. Now-a-days when it comes to our technology experiences, we crave for things to be personalized and our technology allows it. While it isn’t quite yet at the level of Samantha in, Her, it’s on its way. Thanks to technological advancements, in a world that can sometimes generalize, we are able to have personal experiences from our phones and devices, social media, and even our travel. Most smart phones are full of customization options now a days, you are able to edit the font, the size of the font, you can change the background, organize and sort your apps how you see fit. Its control over the appearance of your phone and it lets you create a device that is aesthetically appealing to you, the user. Then you have Siri, and just like OS1, in Her, Siri can greet you by name or whatever you chose for Siri to call you. Siri can also set reminders for you, look…

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