An Analysis Of ' The ' Kindred ' Essay example

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How is every person a unique individual? While some believe that DNA is the largest contributing factor in how a person will turn out, Rufus in Kindred proves that environment is more influential. Written by Octavia E.Butler, Kindred, takes place in both 1800s and 1970s. A black woman, Dana, travels back and forth through the times when her great-great-grandfather, Rufus, gets in danger. Since Rufus was raised by slave-owning environment, Dana attempts to prevent Rufus from being like his abusive father. Unfortunately, during these travels Dana sees Rufus mature into a brutal person. Rufus is a product of his environment, including his abusive yet overbearing family and the slave-accepting world he lives in, rather than his inborn nature.
Rufus’ abusive actions and his abusive father aren’t coincidence since Rufus was strongly influenced by his family. When Rufus hits Dana for the first time, Dana gets in shock and remarks, “It was a first, and so unexpected that i stumbled backward and fell”(239). Rufus was never a person to use violence on Dana before; yet, as he watched his father mistreating slaves throughout the childhood, Rufus, himself matures with an acceptance of violence. Rufus’ sudden change is surprising enough for Dana to fall on the ground. Until this incident she still saw Rufus as an innocent child who she’s known for years, but now she only saw his father. The same conclusion can be made from other example such as when Dana attempted to convince Alice to…

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