Essay on An Analysis Of Roy 's Adaptation Model

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Roy’s Adaptation Model

Paloma Garcia Duran, Sophia Jones, Amanda Mudge, Christina Tep, and Kayla Witmer
Sam Houston State University – The Woodlands Center
NURS 3351 Nursing Concepts I
July 7, 2015

Nurses have the social responsibility of providing an appropriate care, protecting the patients, and optimizing the healthcare system (ANA, 2010, p. 10). To fulfill such responsibility towards society, nurses need to implement evidence-based practice (EBP) in their nursing practice, which is the “practice based on the best available evidence, patient preferences, and clinical judgment” (Schmidt & Brown, 2015, p. 4). To implement EBP, nurses need to analyze research, which requires an understanding of the nursing theories because these are the basis for research. One of the theories that has impacted nursing the most is Sister Callista Roy’s Adaptation Model. According to Clarke, Barone, Hanna, and Senesac (2011), “hundreds of scholarly nursing research studies have been influenced by Roy’s work” (p. 338). Dr. Roy started developing her theory in the 1960s and it is still one of the frameworks for the nursing practice. But, is this 60’s theory still applicable in the new millennium? Are Roy’s constructs still relevant in the current nursing practice? Through analyzing Roy’s background and theory, and applying this theory to the ANA Standards of Practice, this paper will demonstrate that Roy’s Adaptation Model is a theory applicable to current nursing practice.

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