An Analysis Of Robert Macneil 's ' Do You Speak America? ' Essay

763 Words Nov 27th, 2016 4 Pages
Mona Alsolami
Do You Speak America?

Robert MacNeil took us on a very long and existing journey about the linguistic diversity in the United States. His aim through this journey is to explore English language and how people use it and what reasons affected the language. We all know that the formal spoken language in the United States is English language, but after watching this documentary our idea has changed. Thorough MacNeil’s journey, it is appeared that the situation is different and not all American people speak the same version of English or the same dialect or accent. There are many dialects spoken over the united states such as African American English and Chicano English and so on. Also, there are narly two million people in America do not speak English at all. Using English in the United Stated affected by many factors. The major factor and influence on the language is the geographical barriers such as a river or a mountain range that keep population apart from each other and sometimes facilitate their contacts with people on the neighbor countries such as Mexico. For instance, some dialects have been affected by the Spanish language and borrowed some words from it. Other factors that caused these different dialects include the political boundaries, social status of the speakers, the ethnicity, the age, the gender, and the education. In addition, it amazed me that how one person can speak professionally two different dialects: one at home and one at work or with a…

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