An Analysis Of Richard Prince, An Artist Himself Essay examples

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“I 've always said art is a revolution that makes people feel good.” Richard Prince, an artist himself, explains here that art is abstract, entirely up to the interpreter. Literature comes in all forms: poetry, novels, short stories and in various other demonstrations. Literature is an art form, and art is not meant to be studied in formal institutions, but rather appreciated in casual settings. Every idea should be valid and the texts should not be diminished to right and wrong answers. Literature courses, especially in university classrooms, are reduced to a contest for marks. Formal education generally interprets texts on a singular level; something which is not meant to be done to these magnificent literary forms. Furthermore, schools teach students the difference from “good” and “bad” literature. But who is to decide this? Good and bad literature should be left up to the reader and interpreter, not influenced by a professor’s syllabus. Of course, literature teaches students proper grammatical syntax and linguistic skills. But the literature itself does not need to be lessened to teach this. Reading works of literature enriches the reader’s perception of the world around them. The competitive nature of literature classrooms reduces the reader’s perceptions. The New York Times asked to its readers “what is art, what is good art?” (Wallach). An important question which can only be answered by one person: thee who interprets or reads the art.
Literature courses are meant…

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