Essay on An Analysis Of Jason And Elizabeth Face

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(Jason and Elizabeth face each other nervously. They weren 't quite sure what to say. The last time they spoke was when he had that fantasy about how he revealed his true feelings and she reciprocated them. He rushed away afterwards as he didn 't know what to say. Now that they are finally face to face, he knew she was going to question him on his sudden departure. What the fuck was he supposed to say? That he wanted more than anything for them to be together? That he would treat her far better than Spencer could? That he would cherish her? No, he couldn 't say that. He couldn 't say any of that. Spencer didn 't deserve her. It was her choice to be with him though. That, he would never understand)

(They both look down as they are at a loss for words. She was surprised to see him. She was beginning to wonder when she would again. Well, now they are face to face. Finally. She decided to be the first one to speak)

Liz: "It 's been a little while since I 've last seen you."
Jason: (clears his throat) "Yeah, sorry about that. Work has kept me busy."

(She looks towards the water for a moment and chuckles)

Liz: "I couldn 't sleep. I guess you could say this place frees my thoughts so I have a clear head."

(She knew better than to tell him that she was dreaming about him. She couldn 't believe her mind went to Jason earlier. In her fantasy, she dreamt that Jason told her he loved her and not to give up on him. Of course, she figured it was just her imagination. He has never…

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