An Analysis Of Irwin Shaw 's ' The Girl ' Summer Dress ' Essay

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The Girl In Summer Dress The girl in summer dress, which is written by Irwin Shaw, talks about a hard relationship between a man and a woman. The main character Frances gets angry with her husband because he always looks at other girls. As readers, we can feel the changing of the relationship, we are stimulated to think, and we can’t stop reading. The strong element of action is what’s Shaw uses. He uses the character’s behavior to embody the personality of the main character, the psychological activity of main character, and to promote the development of the plot. Shaw uses the character’ s behavior to embody the personality of the main character. In the short story, Shaw uses the behavior of the main character rather than writes that Michael is a cheater, and France has possessive desire. Through this technique, readers will think deeply and independently. In the short story, few points can illustrate my idea. Michael loves his wife and cares about her. From the beginning, we see the affection between them as Shaw reveals, “Michael held Frances’ arm tightly as they walked downtown in the sunlight. They walked lightly, almost smiling”(1). A man who loves his wife will hold her arm securely. And also, Michael cares about her wife’s psychological feeling. When Michael looks at the other girl, “Michael laughs and Frances laughs with him” (1). Frances seems a lit bitter jealous. “Michael laughed again. He laughed louder this time, but not as solidly”. Michael does…

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