Essay about An Analysis Of Howard Hawks ' Bringing Up Baby

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As we move through our lives, experiences can cause our perception of our lives to change. Sometimes exposure to a different lifestyle can reveal that the life we were living was missing something. In Howard Hawks’ Bringing Up Baby (1938), the carefree Susan (Katharine Hepburn), tears David (Cary Grant) away from his mundane life of working on a brontosaurus reconstruction, and takes him on a wild adventure across the countryside. David’s glimpse into Susan’s chaotic lifestyle helps him to reevaluate his work-centered life and to accept that he wants a more exciting existence. Howard Hawks illustrates David’s growing desire for a more exciting lifestyle through David’s behavior, the settings, and the use of sound in the film.

David’s behavior in regards to the singing of “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” during different points in the film indicates his increasing desire for a more exciting life. As the film progresses, David’s participation in singing for Baby increases until in the final rendition of the song he is fully singing along with Susan. Before the final performance of the song, David had only partially committed to singing with Susan. In these scenes, he had not participated in singing at all, only contributed a few phrases, or mockingly changed the lyrics. However, when Susan and David are attempting to get the leopard that they believe to be Baby off of the roof, David finally sings along with Susan. In addition, as they sing, David edges closer to…

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