Effects Of Guilt In The Memory Keeper's Daughter

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In the novel, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, the birth of Paul and Phoebe Henry affects the plot of the novel by having David Henry make a difficult decision. David Henry’s decision with the birth of his daughter ultimately affects the relationship between him and his wife, brings difficulty connecting with son, and reveals his guilt by giving his daughter away to Caroline and keeping it a secret from his family. The birth of the twins Paul and Phoebe Henry brought joy to Norah and David, until Norah was told Phoebe died minutes after she was born which affect the relationship between Norah and David during their marriage. The death of Phoebe was a lie, she was give away to the nurse, Caroline, but David did not tell Norah the truth about Phoebe. Although Norah was devastated about the death, David kept the secret from Norah even after his death. A secret as monumental as his causes a relationship to go downhill, …show more content…
David’s guilt about his decision grew over time, and a way for him to stay away from the guilt is photography, “Photography is all about the secrets. The secrets we have and never tell” (Edwards 201). His ultimate secret he kept gave him guilt when he is not able to tell his wife when she feels sad because Phoebe died. David choose a photography to escape the burden of his guilt because it captures the happy moments of his life which he is able to keep forever. Pictures of Phoebe were sent to David from Caroline to show the growth of Phoebe which was a way for himself to reconnect for his daughter, but it was not enough. Once in a while, he was driven by so much guilt where he was incapable of keeping is emotions together and lashed his anger out on Norah and Paul. The lash built more guilt into David where he kept to himself to his own grave. The family did not find out their Phoebe had survived, and David knew about her existence for over twenty

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