Essay An Analysis Of Homer 's ' The Odyssey '

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1. Hospitality is a great manner that is heavily practiced in The Odyssey, by Homer. When I look at the times of ancient Greek, I notice they are quite similar to the traditions practiced in my culture today. This is quite evident in book four, when Telemachus and Nestor 's son are spotted at the castle gate by one of Menelaus ' servants. He immediately ran to the king to decide whether or not they should send them elsewhere due to preparing for a wedding. Without a question, without a doubt, Menelaus sat the two down and fed them a lavish dinner consisting of an array meats and golden cups. “Help yourselves to food, and welcome! Once you’ve dined we’ll ask you who you are (126).” In my culture, whenever a guests’ sets foot into my household my family will usually offer tea. Hospitality is a common feature that characterizes my family as well as, Muslims around the world. For most Muslims, such as myself, hospitality lies at the heart of who they are. All guests are welcomed into the household and shown kindness and compassion regardless of whether they are relatives, friends, neighbors, or even strangers. Although the hospitality customs of Homer’s time are not still around, there are similarities and differences still evident today. In other words, back home Telemachus and Penelope were pretty much obligated to provide hospitality when they didn’t want too. Suitors invaded their home, their space, and expected hospitality on their part. “They infest our palace day and…

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