Greedy In The Odyssey And Today's Society

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Greedy is a trait shown in “The Odyssey” which it has a negative effect on today's world, and on me as well. Having more than others, and believing you can win anything easily is a good sign that selfishness is shown in the Odyssey and today's society. For example Odysseus’s men, “ignored Odysseus warning not to feast on Helio’s cattle” (937). Even though the men were hungry, they ate the cattle which belonged to the god’s. There greedyness caused the god’s to get angry at Odysseus and his men, which got his men killed. This is also shown in today's society. For instance, when you're at a family birthday party, you get the first piece of birthday cake to cut for yourself, but you cut a bigger piece for yourself. However, you had too much of a big peice that there isn't enough for everyone else. Unfortunately that angers some people cause they're hungry too. In addition, if you weren't so greedy everyone would have a piece …show more content…
However, he does not see that he is too greedy to realize that Odysseus is actually listening to him, which resulted to him getting murdered by Odysseus first. For example, imagine you're playing a game of cards and betting on a massive amount of money, or gambling at a casino. You get a good hand of cards or a good number and you go all out, and win a humongous amount of money. All you can do is walk away with a ton of money; however, you get too greedy and try to double it, and lose it all. Sadly, that's what happens when you feel too selfish. Imagine this, you could of walked away with 10 million dollars. Bam! Your rich. However, you lost it all because you were too greedy. In addition that's what Antinous beloved what would happen. Unfortunately, he was killed first by Odysseus. The Odyssey and the real world show how greedy is a trait that is believed to be horriable in today's

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