Loyalty In The Odyssey

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In the Odyssey an epic poem written about Telemachus talks about a journey he has to face in order to keep his family together. Telemachus is the son of a king named Odysseus whom had to step up, and take his father’s place. In the poem it demonstrates encounters Telemachus along with his mother will face in order to reunite with his father again. In the Odyssey there are three main themes described; loyalty, strength/ suffering, and the power of the gods.
In the beginning of the Odyssey one seeks the loyalty in the poem. One example is Telemachus when his mother and himself have to await the departing of his father for tweeny years. The loyalty that Penelope has for her husband, and for her family is keeping her promise to always be loyal
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Penelope’s suffering is when she faces the fact that her husband has been gone for four years, and she knows that her son is her only hope to find her husband and bring him back to Ithaca. Odysseus is trapped in an island named Ogygia by a woman who is in love with him named Calypso. Calypso has possessed him and kept him from returning back home to his family. Another strength Odysseus has is when he demonstrates that he is the only one who can string the bow, and shot the bow through the twelve axes. He also demonstrates strength when he had kept quiet about returning back home and dressed like a beggar. After he revealed who he was all his sufferings ended and he fought all the suiters, and all the people who sat in his kingdom, and betrayed him. Telemachus strength is when he decides to go find his father knowing there could be a possibility he would find out he has been dead. Telemachus suffered from having to convert from childhood to adulthood. He faced the suitors along with his mentor Athena, where one sees at the begging of the poem he is frightened and at the end of the poem he steps forward and fights with his father. This identifies he has faced his fears, and shaping to a man like Odysseus. This shows how each character felt suffering, yet it was the thing that made each individual

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