Why Did George Washington Deserve An A

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George Washington
I gave george Washington an A because of how he handled the farewell address. When george Washington gave the farewell address he gave examples of what the future generations should not do. I feel that his address helped lay a set of guidelines for each and every president that came and comes after him to follow. Another reason I gave him an “A” is because when the farmers were rebelling about the whiskey tax George Washington personally put on his general uniform to put down the rebellion. In doing so not only did he boost his popularity but he also showed the strength of the constitution.
George Washington deserves an “A” because on his federal he remained neutral at a time when everyone wanted to go to
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I feel this way because when France started attacking American ships and France wanted America wanted to pay tribune John Adams stood up to them gaining America some respect. After that incident was over France wanted us to go to war with Britain and everyone in John Adams’ political party wanted to go to war but he knew that going to war would destroy America.
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson deserves an “A” on his domestic policy. I give him an “A” because of the Marbury v. Madison case. This case gave the Judicial branch the power that it was intended to have in the Declaration of Independence. He also ordered an expedition that searched the western territory that made accurate maps, traded with the Native Americans, and gather animal carcass for research.
Thomas Jefferson deserved A “C” on his federal policy. He got this grade because when Britain and France started attacking American ships and imprisoning sailors Thomas Jefferson stopped trade with everyone. When he did this the economy plummeted. After he saw this he started trading again, but this time he didn’t trade with Britain or France, when he should have done that in the first

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