An Analysis Of Alfred Hitchcock 's Life Story And The Murders He Committed

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“It must have been someone cold-blooded” said Ed Gein as he was in jail, speaking about the murders he was being convicted of. Thanks to this quote, Alfred Hitchcock took interest in Ed’s life story and the murders he committed.. The deranged Edward Theodore Gein paved a path for the scariest horror film in 1960 to make history in the film industry and become the most memorable film in Cinema history.

Edward Theodore Gein was born on August 27, 1906, in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He was the son of an alcoholic father and an overly religious mother. He grew up with his brother, Henry, ruled by his mother’s puritanical preachings of lust and desire. Ed, as they called him, never left his home or dated a woman until after his mother’s death in 1945 because of his obsession with his mother. After his mother passed away, he became deranged, searching cemeteries to unearth women that had recently been buried. He would take limbs and body parts from the women and place the bodies back as if nothing had happened to them over the night. After his search for the perfect body parts to fix his mother, he turned to murdering. The police eventually caught him in the murders of two women in 1957. During the investigation, police learned that Ed had been practicing and experimenting with human taxidermy. Psychologists believed that he was trying to fix his mother to bring her back to him. Ed was found guilty of murder by reason of insanity (Biography). He was placed in various…

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