Essay on An Advertisement Directed For Mophie Inc.

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“All is Powerless”
Mophie "All is Powerless" is an advertisement directed for Mophie Inc. by Biscuits 's Christopher Riggert. In this advertisement, the director presents all sorts of doomsday events, from gravity failing to function, to flying penguins, natural disasters, fishes falling from the sky, and for some reason dogs walking their owners. Finally at the end, the ad brings everything together by revealing that this is how a God feels when his cell phone is about to die, promoting the product that Mophie wanted to advertise with its logo. After doing some research on Mophie 's product, I found out it is pretty boring. The director of Mophie advertising used high quality film and a joke to sell its product. I was mystified because I was attracted to the ad even though I did not even know what the company was selling. It was not even clear what the product does in the ad. Mophie is a no-name brand up against big brands like Belkin and Amazon. Mophie promotes its brand name instead of its product to a young liberal audience, knowing that people need its product and that it has to compete with a variety of other popular brands.
The advertisement that I choose was appealing to me and my age group because our generation is always on TV or on YouTube watching funny and high quality visual effect videos. Every day we spend a lot of hours finding and watching these skits. We do not even realize how time flies by when we are watching these funny adventures videos, and when…

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