An Adolescent Driver Made The Crowded People Be Agape With Such An Accident

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The flightiness of an adolescent driver made the crowded people be agape with such an accident. The driver speeded up to overtake the bus next to him, totally unaware of a car coming toward him in the reverse direction. A brand new convertible flung out of the earth along with the fireworks, signifying a new year had been initiated. A little boy was found about the river, staring into the nothingness. He sat still as a mouse, showing saucer-eyed in his innocent face. He seemed in a good condition while the car was sinking into the depth of water. Nobody had no idea how he could be on the riverbank because there wasn’t any other victim – dead or alive. As everyone helped him, the boy started to cry, holding a torn piece of the purplish cloth in his hand. Missing Piece... The first thing Schroudy said to himself when someone or something reminded him about this memory was, “I believe this part was disrupted.” Nothing bothered him but this thinking and it was echoing throughout his complexity mind. He should have known the true story of Nulsara’s departing only if he could remember in more detail at an early age. All of the explanations was an unadulterated lie. One may say that Nulsara was in serious condition, thus her life couldn’t be saved. But, no one would ever tell him the truth unless he discovered it by himself. He had to seek the truth or died trying. Missing Piece... This Wednesday marked the fourth year of Nulsara’s departing. Schroudy went home in a bad mood.…

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