Amusement Parks Are The Home Of Roller Coasters Essay

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The Chills of Roller Coasters and Thrills of Love

Amusement parks and weddings are not usually thought of as similar places or functions. The “I do’s” said at a wedding ceremony do not exactly correlate with the screams and thrills of an amusement park. But aside from all the obvious differences; the home of screams and thrills and the ultimate ceremony of love have more in common than meets the eye. Amusement parks are the home of roller coasters while weddings are a symbol of ultimate love, both roller coasters and love share similar qualities that are often overlooked. Riding a roller-coaster and falling in love with someone can easily be compared to one another and have many similarities such as the fears and risks, the feelings and emotions one experiences, and the testing of one 's trust and faith. Riding a roller-coaster can be a thrilling experience full of risks and fears, terrifying feelings and emotions, and a test of faith and trust. Initially, the first feeling that a person feels when approaching a roller coaster is fear, fear of the risk of riding such a roller coaster. This fear can sometimes be an internal situation that springs from ones own personal fear or it can be the terrifying stories that others have told. As one walks up to the long line the risks start to run across one’s mind; the various questions are a whirlwind and the human mind under pressure begins to question even the unquestionable. Will it hurt? What if the cart falls? What if the…

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