Amish Culture And The Amish Essay

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In the United States there is a wide variety of nationality, culture and diversity. The medical field isn’t very different as far as the variety of culture differences goes. For my paper I choose the Amish culture. The Amish differ from my beliefs in many different ways. The medical care in the Amish culture differs from Amish community to community. Many communities within the Amish culture tend not to get medical care for a minor injury or illness. Even though the medical care differs from community to community or from family to family, they all have a common root of the same belief that God is the ultimate healer, as to where I go to the traditional doctors and rely on them as my “healer”. Many Amish individuals are less likely to seek medical treatment for minor aches and illnesses compared to the average non-Amish individual. The Amish may not seek medical help when it comes to minor aches and pains, however they do not object to surgery or other forms of high-tech treatment. The Amish also tend to seek out other remedies such as home remedies or other unorthodox medical treatment. They often use victim’s homeopathic remedies, health foods, reflexologists, and chiropractors. “The religious and cultural beliefs of the Amish result in many health care beliefs and practices which are significantly different from the dominant American culture. For example, the Amish are excluded from social security and health insurance coverage; they have different perceptions of health…

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