Indigenous Health Practices

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Relationships between culture, healthcare and health outcomes
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Hampton, R. and Toombs, M. (2013). Chapter 2: Racism, colonisation/colonialism and impacts on Indigenous people. In Indigenous Australians and health. Oxford University Press: South Melbourne
This text outlines Australia’s historical colonial dominance and identifies colonialism direct impact on Indigenous health and culture.
The chapter provides a good summary of Australia’s history from an Indigenous perspective, highlighting issues of racism, health, disease, restrictions placed on cultural identity and practices through the processes of colonial dominance while providing a cross-examination of New Zealand and Canada colonialism experiences.
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and Toombs, M. (2013). Chapter 4: Indigenous Australian Concepts of health and well-being. In Indigenous Australians and health. Oxford University Press: South Melbourne.
An overview of Indigenous Australian’s cultural beliefs and customs of holistic health and well-being practices.
The chapter provides a brief overview on Australian’s Indigenous traditional health practise’s discussing the cultural and holistic approach to health, highlighting the importance of the social, emotional and spiritual connections to health and well-being. Health and well-being is an integral part of Indigenous community life, belief systems and traditional practices use spiritual healing, herbs and medicines in the treatment of injury and disease. Cultural factors of country – indigenous connection to their land and essential at childbirth, traditions in treatments - a ‘clever women’ and 'clever man’ healing roles, family and kinship are significant to traditional practices of holistic well-being. Physicians and clinicians verse traditional healers is examined in relation to traditional belief and customs, why Indigenous people may not seek medical assistance and return to
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The chapter is useful to anyone interested wanting a basic understanding of Indigenous health customs and traditional practices. Personal stories and factual information provided support and strengthen the content provided. There is a lack of discussion about modern changes to Primary Health Care and the new Indigenous community controlled centres. It also provides limited information in relation to a doctor’s dominance in biomedical approaches, treatments and

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