Kite Runner Research Paper

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Stacey Do
Patricia Bolster
English 2A/Period 4
11 August 2015

Kite Runner
10 RRIs pp 18-371

“It was Rahim Khan, not Baba, who had told me that story. I was always learning things about Baba from other people.” P. 18
Amir and Baba always had a difficult relationship during his childhood. Baba would question why Amir wasn’t like him, why he liked to read books and not playing soccer. He was disappointed to see they didn’t share similar interests. As for Amir, he saw Baba as an significant role model in his life but felt like he could never make him proud. With their complexed relationship, they were distant and therefore Amir learned things about his father from others than Baba himself.

“My favorite part of reading to Hassan was when we
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Amani, he refused to receive any treatment and accepted the fact he was dying. Baba wished for no one to find out due to the fact he didn’t want their sympathy. He didn’t want for the other Afghans to think he, a strong, well-known businessman was sick and needed help. I think Baba cared more for his reputation than trying to save or extend his own life because he put his pride first.

“Hassan taught him to read and write-his son was not going to grow up illiterate like he had.” P. 212
This line reveals one of Hassan’s many strong character traits. He is ambitious and strong minded. Growing up as a Hazara, society didn’t believe they needed an education since they were in a lower class and most worked as servants. Therefore, Hassan didn’t go to school like Amir and grew up illiterate. Close to 20 years later, Amir finds out Hassan learned how to read and write, when reading a letter he had written. He went against the society expectations and did what he desired and passed it onto his son, Sohrab.

“They told Hassan they would be moving in to supposedly keep it safe until I return. Hassan protested again.” P.
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He too was sexually and physically abused by Assef. As he drew away from Amir when they made contact, it shows how uncomfortable he was, feeling the touch of someone else, as if he was afraid of another abuse. This is a result of a sexual abuse Sohrab suffered, feeling sinful and dirty, and fearing of it occurring again.

““And one more thing, General Sahib,” I said. “You will never refer to him as a ‘Hazara Boy’ in my presence. He has a name and it’s Sohrab.”” P. 331
After telling the General what the relation of him and Sohrab was, Amir stands up for Sohrab just like Hassan has always done for him. Amir saw Hassan in Sohrab; they shared similar physical and mental features. Sohrab was a replacement of Hassan and Amir finally defends Hassan just like he did, repeatedly. Amir tries to repay Hassan for everything he has done by protecting his son, Sohrab. For instance, making sure the general does not refer to him as a ‘Hazara Boy’.

“For you, a thousand times over, I heard myself say. Then I turned and ran.” P.

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