Amery The Loss Of Human Dignity Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… He goes on to write that for everyone the loss of human dignity is different. “I must confess that I don’t know exactly what that is: human dignity. One person thinks he loses it when he finds himself in circumstances that make it impossible for him to take a daily bath” (27). For Amery the loss of human dignity begins when “you lose trust in the world” (28). It is this trust in the world that allows you to believe in people and what they stand for. However losing this trust you start to doubt everything that once brought you hopes. Moreover, you are left knowing that nothing will ever be the same; you have lost what was once pure and good. Therefore, you lose your human dignity you are left with nothing. This chapter on torture might seem to be a little less than difficult to read, but it is important to understand what millions of Jews endured. Amery’s torture was different because he was a part of an Anti-Nazi regime. He was believed to have information on people who …show more content…
He writes, “Plain, ordinary faces. And the enormous perception at a later, stage, one that destroys all abstractive imagination, makes clear to us how the plain ordinary faces finally become Gestapo faces after all and how evil overlays and exceeds banality” (25). Amery describes the Gestapo as being regular human beings like him and so many others. They were not people with “twisted noses, hypertrophied chins, pockmarks, and knife scars,” they were plain and had nothing horrible about them accept their soul and guns (25). This is what made the torture even worse. Because it was some horrible thing that was killing millions of people, it was an ordinary man. Believing that if this were done by something that was not human it would be easier to understand why it was happening. However, knowing that a human could treat people this way is torture

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