American Traditions Throughout The Novel ' The Old Age ' Essay

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“It would be nice if she could let this genius know about this one little flaw in this perfect plan for taking care of women in their old age” (Esquivel 11) This quote is an example of how traditions do not always benefit the majority. Traditions can bring the family together, and create a sense of communion with the family. Each tradition has a role within the family, whether to create a sense of togetherness, or if to imprison the other family members. These traditions play a vital role in the novel, and change throughout the growth and decrease of the family. The traditions remain a constant throughout the turmoil in the novel. These traditions have many effects on the characters, such as not allowing the main character, Tita, to marry the love of her life. Another effect of these traditions is that they set a future for Rosaura 's Daughter Esperanza, who will follow the same fate as Tita. These traditions also allow the characters to bond together as a family, Throughout the novel, these traditions have lasting effects on how the characters live and interact. The role of traditions in Like Water for Chocolate is to bring family together as one. Tradition in Like Water for Chocolate is also a bad thing for some of the family; like Tita. Tradition is also helpful for a select few; like Mama Elena. The novel says that tradition can be broken in case of unfair traditions. In Like Water for Chocolate, there are many examples of traditions. For instance, eating/feasting…

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