American Sniper By Chris Kyle Essay

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American Sniper Book Review American Sniper goes fully in depth into Chris Kyle’s exciting life story leading up to becoming a Navy SEAL. The book does have a table of contents, glossary, along with maps and photographs to showcase Chris’s experiences while reading the book. The author’s background is fully realistic being that the author of the book is about himself, a small town boy from Texas and his own experiences first hand with the being an American sniper in the war of Iraq. Chris has also written 2 other pieces of writing including American Gun: A History of the U.S. in Ten Firearms and a novel called Unti American Sniper Novel #1, but unfortunately he 's not awarded with any awards from his work with writing but has many accomplishments and badges while serving in the Navy. Chris has earned many prestigious awards as he was badged with a SEAL Insignia. He also was awarded with the Rifle Marksman Medal, and the Pistol Marksman Medal. American Sniper is based off Chris Kyle, known as the deadliest sniper in the United States military with over 160 confirmed kills in Iraq war. The story tells of Chris growing up in Odessa, Texas a high school dropout who had interest in ‘breaking” horses and eventually became to be horseman. He did this to raise money for his passion of being a bronco rider until a sudden tragic injury occurred when he was flipped by a bronco and could no longer participate. While this happened his put interest into other things such as becoming a…

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