Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer: A Synthesis Essay

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In the book “ Into The Wild” by Jon Krakauer, he tells a story about how Chris McCandless lived and what he went through. Chris McCandless is a man who went on travels to get away from his family, there are so many back stories as to why Chris had left but in the book, it describes in detail that it was the divorce and the fact that his father tried to his the other women. Chris McCandless does make an unusual decision vacate the life that is expected of him from a valid reason that will be clearly explained in this essay. In the beginning of the story, Krakauer explains how Chris had lied to about who he was because he didn't want anyone to find out who he really was so he tried to keep his real identity a secret. Chris didn't want anyone knowing his full name just in case something were to happen or his name was announced somewhere he wanted to be left in the dark and be unknown. The people Chris had met along the way describe him as lonely and unprepared because when he had taken his first trip and started traveling he was very …show more content…
He decided to go on his own adventure and see life for himself, in the result of that he ended up dead. The real reason for Chris wanting to go on his adventure was due to his father's affair, Chris had strong feelings as if his own dad betrayed him by having the affair but then soon came to realize that there was nothing that he could have done to prevent it from happening. IN the ending chris was found dead and all the people that he ment along the way remember him as a very memorable, wise man who had many things ahead his way. The book was based off what they knew about Chris and what he had told them and piece by piece they all came together to figure out why Chris had left everything even his family but sooner came to realization that he was a very smart

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