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The American Revolution The American Revolution was the beginning of a new country. The thirteen colonies come together attempting to develop a plan, and argue their rights not knowing it would lead to independence. Beginning of a rag-tag group of militias, undertrained men took on the world’s greatest military of the time.
Boston, Massachusetts 1765 the American colonist are on edge and enraged over the newest tax placed upon them by the English crown. The Stamp Act was a law designed to raise revenue by taxing the colonist with the use of such paper of legal documents, publications and even playing cards. This Act was the first internal tax to be used by the English government against the colonist, since before it was an external trade
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Even to this day it is not known who fire the first shoot. After all the smoke cleared eight militia lay dead and ten wounded with no mention in the documentary of British killed or wounded.
The British continue on their mission to the store house, while along the way ransack homes looking for weapons. The militia now regroups and now outnumbering the British go on the attack causing cause and retreat in the British troops. Over the sixteen mile trek and twenty hour pursuit, seventy three British are killed one hundred seventy four are wounded and twenty six missing, compared to the militias forty nine dead forty wounded and five missing. Excepting to find cover in Boston the British soon realize they are surrounded by more militia and retreat to the sea.
On May 10th, 1775, just three weeks after the battle the Continental Congress is called to session in Philadelphia. During the meeting it is decided to place in to affect a continental army instead of thirteen colonies with separate armies. It is also decided upon to claim complete independence from
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Washington is one of the wealthiest people in the colonies, self-made man who had grown up in a farming family and later perused a military career. . At six foot two inches and always dressed in Military attire he is an imposing figure. Washington takes command with no pay to lead the congressional army.
With Boston and the British army under siege Washington’s army attempts to dig themselves into higher ground. This is the scene of the first full battel of the Revolutionary war. 1200 Continental soldiers. General Howell now in charge of the British army head full force without cover into the Continental army. After three hours of battle and the Continental army running out of ammunition they retreat given up what is now called Bunker Hill. Even though British won the battle it comes at a great loss. This battle leaves over five hundred of the original one thousand British troops either dead or

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