American Revolution And The American Civil War Essay

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American Revolution leads to Civil War in America
America, how we know it today, was not formed in one day, but was rather established through a series of events. Two of the greatest stepping stones in American history were the American Revolution, and the American Civil War. Although they were both two separate events, the Revolution lead to many events, such as the Constitution and the Articles of Confederation, that were primary causes of the American Civil War. The Revolution also caused many rebellions when Southerners were displeased after the Constitution had granted “equality for all”, including slaves. The South was also frustrated with their economic downfall, and their social differences between the Northern colonies. These effects caused many strong conflicting views between the colonies, which in the end, caused a Civil War.
Before the Revolutionary War had began, as a result of the Seven Years War the Stamp Act of 1764 and the Sugar Act of 1765 were established. The Stamp Act and the Sugar Act were taxes levied directly on American colonists by the British government. These taxes led to an immense amount of debt around the colonies. The debt of the tax had started to become such a burden that the colonists, along with Samuel Adams, believed it to be “unconstitutional.” Some of the leaders of assembly in Massachusetts, which included James Otis, believed, too, that the new legislation was “contrary to a fundamental Principle of our constitution: That all Taxes…

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