American Imperialism Research Study Essay

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Appendix A

American Imperialism

Part 1

Complete the chart by identifying the following:

• Identify the countries or areas where the United States engaged in imperialistic actions during the period from about 1870 to 1914. • Discuss why each area was important to American empire building—political, economic, and social. • Explain America’s expansionist ideals. What were some factors that justified American imperialist actions? • Identify the current political status of these places in relation to the United States.

Age of Imperialism: 1870 to 1914

|Place |Why was there interest? |U.S. actions
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U.S. declares that it will stay neutral during this war.
The U.S. was interested in expanding to areas such as Hawaii because of increased trade and an overall achievement of the U.S. power. The U.S was building a corporal empire to increase peace between areas such as China and Japan in order to maintain overall trade. Trade between these areas and the U.S. would also change America’s economic situation completely.

• What were the benefits of America’s imperialistic actions for the people in these countries or areas? What were the disadvantages? How would you describe their experiences in terms of being conquered, assimilated, or marginalized? America’s imperialistic actions in other countries have both benefits and disadvantages. Countries that received imperialistic actions from America have increased trade options between the U.S. and other nations. There is also the benefit of having American protection during times of revolts or having America as an allied during times of war. Disadvantages to American imperialistic actions are that the governments of these nations no longer have control over their government. American influences centralize every nation’s government into one government abiding by American rules. Another disadvantage is that if a country is not controlled by American Imperialistic actions then they are in danger of retaliation from

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