American Health Care Essay

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American Healthcare: A Transformation from Crap to Gold
America is without a question the leading country of medical and scientific advances. There always seem to be a new medical breakthrough every time you watch the news or read the paper, especially in the cure of certain diseases. However, the medical research requires an enormous amount of money. The U.S. spends the most money on health care yet many people, mainly the working class Americans are still without any type of health insurance and thus are more susceptible to health risks and problems. The concept of health insurance for Americans was formulated over a century ago. Most Americans obtain health insurance from
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You also have to get approved to get something done say like a surgery. You have to fill out forms, send them in and wait to hear back within the company or the person doing your surgery. If you get approved which is rare then you can go on with your surgery if not you have to find someone who will and who takes your insurance. In most cases you are denied due to doctors wanting money because the more doctors deny surgery’s the more they make are many positive things when it comes to the capitalist system, one being the number of jobs increase but this is not as great as it sounds. There are also negatives to this. One being capitalism makes the rich richer.
Insurance outside of the United States (for example England) is run by the socialist system, which is paid by the government. One of the goals of socialized medicine systems is ensuring universal access to health care. Only thing in return is to pay higher taxes. You receive free health care. You can’t get denied for any surgery. You don’t have to have insurance to receive health care. Also prescriptions you receive from a pharmacy are only a flat rate no more or less unless you are under a certain age or a senior citizen in that case it is free. In the United States, neither of the main parties favors a socialized system that puts the government in charge of hospitals or doctors, but they do have different approaches to financing and access. Democrats tend to be favorably inclined towards reform

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